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Credit Unions are a great alternative to traditional banks. By using your local credit union, you will be investing locally and become a part of the community oriented mission that credit unions pride themselves in. Credit Union members find that they benefit by receiving lower loan rates, fewer fees, and better returns on savings.  You will find the best of the best here. The top 10 Credit Unions with the most members from Credit Union Access’s list of top 50 include:

1. Navy Federal Credit Union, Vienna, VA. 4,786,101 members.

2. State Employees Credit Union, Raleigh, NC. 1,895,183 members.

3. Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Alexandria, VA. 1,295,220 members.

4. Security Service Federal Credit Union, San Antonio, TX. 970,947 members.

5. Boeing Employees Credit Union, Tukwila, WA. 857,870 members.

6. The Golden 1 Credit Union, Sacramento, CA. 667,674 members.

7. America First Federal Credit Union, Riverdale, UT. 647,612 members.

8. SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, Santa Ana, CA. 595,275 members.

9. Suncoast Credit Union, Tampa, FL. 578,572 members.

10. Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, Anchorage, AK. 497,147 members.

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