Comerica Bank Direct Express Card Review

Direct Express Card Review

The Comerica bank direct express card is a prepaid debit card that is used to pay Social Security Benefits to those eligible. The card is an alternative to depositing the benefit payments in traditional bank account. Cardholders have the same functions as a regular bank issued debit card that comes with traditional checking accounts. That includes the ability to make purchases at retail locations, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores etc. You can also shop online and make bill payments. You can also get cash at ATMs, make hotel reservations and rent a car.

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Comerica bank is  headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and provides banking services to individuals, businesses and also has a wealth management business. In addition to Texas, they have branch locations in Arizona, California, Florida and Michigan. Comerica provides the social security card services under license with MasterCard International on behalf of the United States Department of the Treasury’s Financial Management Service (FMS). Here is how to apply for a direct express debit card.

If you are a recipient of Social Security Benefits, you are required by federal law to receive your payments electronically. That means that you can either have a traditional checking or savings account through a bank or credit union or you will be automatically enrolled in the Comerica Direct Express Debit Card program and your payments will be send there at due date. For more fee information, visit

Some of the most frequently asked questions about this program include the following: First, most people want to know if they can use the card to pay their bills online just like they will do with a traditional checking account from a bank. The answer is Yes. Another question is whether this program comes with the excessive number of fees that typically get charged with prepaid cards. The answer is NO. The Department of the Treasury has made sure Social Security recipients are not burdened by fees by choosing to sign up for this program. As a result, the Direct Express program is one of the best debit card programs on the market when it comes to fees and charges.

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