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While the banking industry took a big hit almost a decade ago, many were able to recover and flourish. Since the financial crisis that plagued the U.S., banks have made great strides to solidify their financial stability. BanksĀ are growing more profitable and healthier every year ensuring the protection of your hard earned money. Here areĀ Forbes, top ten best banks. Rankings are determined by financial health of the banking institution. The top banks were determined by ranking the best in 8 metrics that displayed financial health within the institution.

  1. State Street
  2. Bank of Hawaii
  3. Signature Bank
  4. Prosperity Bancshares
  5. First Republic Bank
  6. East West Bankcorp
  7. Westamerica Bankcorp
  8. Citizens Republic Bankcorp
  9. Commerce Bancshares
  10. BankUnited

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